Custom Code: ASCII Import GUI

We’ve been hard at work on various projects across the globe, and our development team have put together a piece of code that I think will prove as popular as some of our other projects, especially in end-user environments and busy services bureaus.

If you remember the original PaperFlow, then you remember how easy it was to use. PaperVision Capture and PaperFlow.Net revolutionized the capture environments, but by necessity they added some layers of complexity that, to this day, can sometimes be a bit difficult for the average user.

One area that proved frustrating for some of our clients was the ASCII import environment. Sure, the code is provided by the manufacturer, and it’s not terribly hard to use, but the average bureau user, and the average end-user, don’t like going in to modify C# or VB code every time there is a minor change. Especially in the bureau environment, having to get the network guy or the PVC guru involved every time can be time-consuming and an unwelcome distraction.

Enter the new Scanfree ASCII Import GUI for PaperVision Capture and PaperFlow.Net. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go:

ASCII Import Gui - Main Screen

Brings all the potential settings for an ASCII import to a graphical interface that is easy to use.

The goal here is to take all the settings that are generally set up within the code itself and let the user change and edit these settings on the fly, without ever having to leave the job that is open on their Operator Console (or in PaperFlow.Net user screens).

The code detects which index fields are available on the active project/job, and presents the user with the appropriate options, including a detaield mapping field that recalls the simplicity of the original PaperFlow:

ASCII Import GUI - Field Mapping

Easily map fields in the active job to incoming columns.

As an improvement to the original ASCII import, the Scanfree ASCII Import GUI analyzes the incoming ASCII file to warn the user of any potential problems they may encounter with the import data – essentially “pre-processing” the data before performing the actual import.

And the import process itself has a handy progress bar to let users know where they are in the process.

To learn more about the ASCII Import GUI and to use it in your facility, contact Scanfree today.


Custom Code
Modified ASCII Export With Options

Bringing Together the Best Features from Three Native Exports

PaperVision Capture comes packaged with a number of release scripts for outputting data into other formats. The most popular of these have always been the most basic. By our count, these are:

  • ASCII Export – this allows you to write field values to an ASCII file and define the output file formats; useful for a wide variety or thrid-party applications and databases.
  • Image Files Only Export – forsaking the ASCII file for the ability to name files based on delimited index metadata, folders too; very popular for the bureau delivering data to customers with no document management system in place. Need logical folder structures to sit data on a hard drive somewhere? This is the one to use.
  • PaperVision / ImageSilo XML Data Groups Export – And of course PaperVision and ImageSilo use their own powerful XML definition for loading data into those systems; used by anyone who has invested in the Digitech Suite of products, or by the Digitech end-user if a bureau is providing the outsrouced scanning service.

But of course, there are always requirements that fall outside of “native” library of release scripts and this is another area where the ability to inject your own custom code right into the application really gives the ability to develop almost any output scenario for almost any product. Digitech Professional Services are there to help you develop outputs exactly to your requirements, and companies like Scanfree also provide these services, along with the large number of users who write their own code.

PaperVision Capture Custom Code Tweaks

Scanfree has written a number of custom code functions, like the workstep-based Selective Grid Export or the popular Functions Buttons for execution of multiple pieces of custom code from within a single workstep.

Our latest custom code offering brings together selected features from the three most popular exports mentioned above, and builds them all into a single modified ASCII export, with the following features:

  • Build and map your ASCII export with all the same options as the native export:
    • Which indexes to include
    • Order of indexes in output text
    • Order of images
    • Customisable delimiters
    • Whether to include header information or not
  • Select index field values for file-naming:
    • Use all or some of the indexes
    • Map folders as well as file name
    • Custom delimiter for file names and folders
    • Modified file names automatically reflected in the ASCII output file
  • Select the maximum size of the exported data based on either:
    • Maximum number of documents per export, or
    • Maximum export size in MB

And of course all of the advanced features are built into the code as well, including specifying auotmation servers to perform the task, use of Export Complete files, and specifying OCR job steps, etc.

Scanfree develops custom code functions for PaperVision Capture resellers and end-users at competitive prices.

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Our products boost scanning capabilities in almost any project. Contact Scanfree to learn what we can do for you.

Custom Code
Functions Button in PaperVision Capture

PaperVision Capture has extensive integration features

At almost every step in the document capture process, the user can inject their own custom-written processes, or use the native custom code functions that come with PaperVision Capture.

Opening or creating a new batch? Code can run then. Closing a batch? Code can run. Entering an index value, or validating that value against regular expressions? Importing pages? Creating a new document? Yes, yes and yes. Again and again there are places where project administrators can submit custom code functions to run in an automated fashion.

But what about manual custom code procedures? That too. A user in the PaperVision Capture Operator Console can select to Execute Custom Code manually whenever they’re ready. The only drawback here is that a project administrator can only inject one piece of code, one pre-defined function, to run when the PaperVision Capture Operator executes the command.

Enter Scanfree Professional Services

Scanfree has recently developed a simple matrix functions button designed specifically for PaperVision Capture. This code allows a PaperVision Capture project administrator to inject multiple Custom Code functions within the workstep via the Capture Administration Console.

First the Administrator imports the custom code to the basic Custom Code event in the Designer. Then, by manipulating the matrix and by entering constants and code snippets into the appropriate matrix entries, a full set of possible functions become available to the PaperVision Capture operator.

PaperVision Capture Functions Button

Multiple code options for the PaperVision Capture operator to choose from.

From the operators point of view the usage is dead easy. When the operator selects to Execute Custom Code, a clean Windows dialog box pops up in the PaperVision Capture Operator Console. This dialog shows X buttons available, labelled as per the administrator’s matrix layout. Simply click the appropriate button and the selected custom execution begins.

Scanfree develops custom code functions for PaperVision Capture resellers and end-users.

Our products boost scanning capabilities in almost any project. Contact Scanfree to learn what we can do for you.

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Higher Education

Document Management for Higher Education

Scanfree works with private and public higher education providers to manage employee and student records, manage accounts payable records, and provide secure access for counselors and staff. Scanfree has worked with Universities and colleges in the USA, such as Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University, as well as smaller institutions and governing bodies. Our education focus continues here in the UK with The American School in London and private tuition educators.

Private Education in Central London

The American School in London serves American and international families based in London for short- or long-term assignments. Founded in 1951, its students and the active parent community appreciate the school’s mission: to provide an outstanding American education with a global perspective. ASL contacted Scanfree regarding an under-used and ailing PaperVision implementation. The system had been in active use some years back, but had fallen into disuse as the previous provider’s support had lapsed. Scanfree provided a complete system upgrade, some reformatting of existing projects to improve search capabilities, and re-training of key departments.

Scanfree worked with the Accounting and Human Resources department. It was apparent that they required a conversion of some large volumes of data which had amassed in the intervening period. Thousands of invoices and expense data needed to be scanned and indexed. A number of employee records, both new records as well as significant updates to existing records, also had to be converted. Now, The American School in London has contracted with Scanfree to provide electronic document management services across various other departments in the school. And the improved usage has also resulted in expansion of licenses for the core system.

Document Management for Private Tuition

A London-based firm provides private tuition for students across the UK and Ireland, as well as correspondence training. Data Protection requires that students fill out appropriate forms. Frequent queries and the occasional audit meant that access needed to be fast and simple. But with over 1000 franchisees and 25 times as many students, the process was proving cumbersome.

Scanfree partnered with a software and services provider outside London to deliver the scanning conversion of tens of thousands of Data Protection forms, plus franchisee contracts, addenda and special documents. Production was completed in under three weeks. Reviewing the processed data with the client online, we noticed significant discrepancies in the processed data compared to reference files provided by the client. In fact we had discovered a disconnect in the client’s internal databases. We had the perfect opportunity to rectify some databases and overcome a nagging issue in the company’s existing system.

The documents were scanned and ready for import into the existing document management system. Scanfree worked with the client to perform various update types using two internal databases and the newly processed metadata. Specifically, important date values, which were either missing or mismatched, were corrected through careful data analysis and referencing original documents; other corrections were made as well. The delivered data was of top quality and the bonus came in improving existing data sets from source documents.

What can we find in your data, and how valuable will it be to you?

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Purchase Order WorkFlow

Reduced days-to-invoice and increased customer service level

Purchase order routing increases customer satisfaction and allows growth without need for additional staff, while improving cash flow as orders get invoiced faster

ADS Pipe, a North American manufacturer and worldwide supplier of industrial, agricultural and domestic pipe, has completely changed their order fulfillment process through online workflow and integrated fax capture.

In 2006, Scanfree was approached by Ohio-based document management provider Fireproof Records Center. Their client, ADS Pipe, had been using Digitech’s cloud-based document management solution, ImageSilo, for a number of years at this point, and were now prepared to put ImageSilo into overdrive. They wanted to evaluate how ImageSilo workflow might improve their processing of incoming purchase orders.

Scanfree embarked on a 3 week remote discovery process, working directly with ADS Pepe’s internal project team, spearheaded by Kim Daniels. Kim managed the involvement of Customer Service personnel who were involved in the order fulfillment process, which involved data entry into the company’s line-of-business ERP application and instance-based auditing rules for certain orders.

Scanfree worked with Fireproof to build a fax-server which automatically routed incoming purchase orders to ImageSilo with appropriate metadata. Scanfree built ImageSilo workflow routines which evaluate that metadata, routing documents accordingly. All audit requirements are built in to the workflow design, along with email notifications and time-based escalation procedures.

Orders that originally took 3-5 days to fulfill are now processed within 1-2 hours on average, increasing customer satisfaction, resulting in more orders. Staffing levels have decreased through attrition since the workflow implementation, resulting in lower overall costs and no need to expand, even though sales have been increasing!

And Invoices are going out 7-9 days earlier, improving cash flow.

It’s not just getting the orders placed early, it’s improving your image, improving communications, and meeting financial goals and obligations.

Contact Scanfree to learn how ImageSilo WorkFlow can help your company increase profits NOW!

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Custom Code
Duplicate Reports in PaperVision Capture

Fast Access to a Customisable Report

Custom Code creates a list of all duplicate field values in the active batch, and lets you specify which fields to check

This development project came about through our work with PaperVision Capture scanning bureaus in the UK and the US.

PaperVision Capture supplies a wealth of reporting capabilities through the Administration Console and via the extensive API integration capabilities. All sorts of scanning metrics are available for the PaperVision Capture administrators, but a Capture Operator may not have the same insights.

Scanfree found that many of our scanning bureaux were running relatively large batches, due to automated imports occurring from multifunctional devices or FTP feeds with images being imported overnight. Scanning operators were running into situations with duplicate documents were being brought in, but no easy way to determine if some fields were mismatched.

Scanfree undertook the development of a simple, PaperVision Capture Operator Console-based reporting mechanism that allows the scanning bureau to select fields to check for duplicate values. The Capture Operator simply executes the custom code element within the Operator Console, and a detailed report is written to a pre-defined folder.

Customise your output

And if you need multiple takes on the same report, you can re-use the code again and again to select different combinations for report output. Check a primary field on its own, then a primary field coupled with secondary metadata. And if you need to run multiple reports in the same step, or if you’d like to run this custom code duplicates report along with another piece of code in the same Operator workstep, why not have a look at our Functions Button Custom Code?

Scanfree’s development team is highly responsive, detail-oriented, dependable, and competitively priced. We have skill sets in C#, JavaScript, .NET, Java and more. Contact Scanfree today to get a competitive quote for your development project.

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Pensions Scanning for UK Transport

A description of the Pensions Department at UK rail provider, and the process of consolidating data and streamlining document capture processes.



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Payroll Reporting

The payroll department of a major UK transport provider could not increase staff, and could not incur any capital costs.

Although the main offices are located in central London, the Payroll department had moved out to a Midlands office. From here the relatively small staff are responsible for thousands of employees. Staff are spread throughout nearly 300 different locations, including stations and offices across the country. The staff are responsible for compiling and processing payroll and sickness information. The typical process involved transmitting payroll data via courier and fax services, as well as staff delivering data via their own transport system.

Scanfree staff worked with them to build a unique document scanning and routing service. This service allowed them to begin capturing payroll data via multi-function devices located at key locations. Scanfree configured an outsourced processing method – a portion of the required data entry is now outsourced. This lets the department postpone hiring an additional employee, even though staff numbers are increasing.

It also allows the core payroll team to better manage their input requirements. Weekly reporting and processing became much easier. As did managing employee queries and disputes. And when required, the Payroll team can easily distribute electronic data for managers across the company.

With a low monthly cost, they have taken a tedious process, simplified it with some easy-to-use scanning routines, and gotten the scanned documents and the corresponding data directly into the hands of those who require it.

The information is there, on the documents you process daily. Scanfree can help you find it and use it more efficiently.

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Document Management Integration

Document management is most powerful when tied to your primary line of business applications.

Document Management is an incredibly useful supporting technology. But Scanfree knows that nobody goes to work just to manage their documents.

The objective in almost every document management implementation is to get staff faster access to the data they require, in a secure, auditable environment. Core document management offerings do this in and of themselves, of course. It’s a key component of the solutions. But in order to make staff as productive as possible, companies often consider the advantages of document management integration.

Document Management Integration – The Basics

There are almost as many ways of building a document management integration as there are companies that could benefit from doing it. At its most basic level, a document management integration ties your company’s main business application (or applications) to the document management store. The goal is simple:

When your member of staff is reviewing a customer account (or an employee record, or an order…) in their main application, and decide they need to view a record, they should be able to click a button, or hit a shortcut key, and immediately be brought to the relevant information they require.

This is document management integration. Create a simple link, click a button, get the document you need. We have seen massive increases in customer satisfaction based on this simple principle: A client calls to find out the status of their order. The core system says the order has been received and processed and the customer wants to know where the items are in production. A simple click to the document management integration takes the employee to a workflow environment where they can see the order was submitted internally as completed, and can then determine how much longer before the item is shipped. The caller gets their response on the first call – no call back, no lost messages: A response.

Here are a few examples of document management integration projects where Scanfree has managed or contributed:

PS – Oracle Business Suite – OpenPeople
Oracle – SAP – OpenAccounts – Grampian – Great Plains – Sage Line 50 and others – AS/400 – QuickBooks
Microsoft Dynamics CRM – ACCPAC –
Asset Management – Facilities Management – Inventory Controls – AS/400 – legacy and Unix systems
Your staff live and breathe in their ERP applications. Scanfree can bring integrated document management to their fingertips.

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VAR and Integrator Consulting

Scanfree consults with document management providers worldwide

Our document management consulting services are dependable, affordable …and popular.

MicroRecords Company has used Scanfree multiple times. Scanfree designed and implemented a claims processing workflow routine for Johns Hopkins Employer Health Programs. Another division of the same hospital required a report processing function. Scanfree was able to develop a COLD application within PaperVision Enterprise Report Management to automatically capture, analyse, index and store the data with no user intervention. And a similar reporting application was installed at a waste management provider who wanted to easily access invoicing data outside the ERP. We continue to perform a number of installations and training for Micro Records to this day, and partner on international projects.

Databank used Scanfree when Stanley Tools was seeking to integrate their Document Management solutions to SAP.

Grace Information Management, a document management provider in Sydney, Australia, consulted with Scanfree when building their hosted document management solution using the PaperVision platform. Grace also employed our document management training services to strengthen their sales team’s knowledge and increase sales.

Datastor Limited called upon Scanfree when they were ready to upgrade their document scanning service bureau to become the most advanced, productive bureau in all Surrey. A complete upgrade of all scan stations and processes to PaperVision Capture followed, including all projects… in a live environment. We continue to partner with Datastor Limited on various projects.

Fireproof Records Center out of Columbus, Ohio in the US continues to work with Scanfree on international workflow and ImageSilo projects, some in manufacturing, others in healthcare.

Scanfree provides superior document management consulting and design services to the end-user community. That’s probably why we’re called upon by document management professionals, too.

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