Workflow and Business Process Automation

Leverage Your Staff's Talent with Workflow

Improve cumbersome, labour-intensive manual processes.
Manual processes are prone to error, and offer little accountability until it’s too late to improve.

Workflow notifies users of actions to be taken, instructs them on the steps required, and escalates issues which need attention.

View how transactions are progressing through your organisation at any point in the process, either individually or en masse. Pro-actively communicate with partners and clients, and gain valuable insights on your organization’s process handling.

Build document routing mechanisms based on your varied business processes. Each process can be mapped separately and processes can interact with each other – so an order fulfillment process may launch a production or supply chain process.
View current status of workflow items at any point in the process. Improve customer service by proactively communicating where items are in a process. And use historical analysis to find what you’re doing right, and what you need to do better. The entire workflow process is tracked and auditable.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other business management applications can be directly tied into the workflow process, or linked via simple integration methods. Use URI-based search methods or build deep integrations with web services APIs.
A well-designed workflow interacts with your staff, notifies them, brings things to their attention. Our workflow solutions are designed around our staff, around the way you do business. Happy and engaged employees are more productive and bring more value to your organization.
Get the best out of your people.
Proactive notifications make sure your users know when items need to be completed. Built-in escalation techniques evaluate data to make sure projects and tasks are completed within your pre-defined timescales.
Drop your workflow assignments and tasks directly into your existing SharePoint portal. Users are not required to learn a new application, they simply work within SharePoint to carry out workflow based tasks.

Visit Scanfree’s WorkFlow Planning Guide to learn more (in development, contact us to get an update). If you’re sold on the benefits of document management workflow solutions, check our Products page to learn more about our offerings. Or read one of our success stories in our Project Portfolio.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

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To learn more about the guiding principles for workflow development, visit the Workflow Management Coalition.